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Lamba Line Enables Edsim to Lead Industry in Embossed Leathers

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Edsim’s Lamba Cow line serves as the foundation of our product line. The naked, pebble grain,  South American leather is available in essentially every color designers can imagine. Every season, our product line expands due to the colors, textures and products that are demanded by the ever-changing fashion industry.

Over the past decade, we have leveraged our strengths in Lamba to create other adored products. The nature of the Lamba line, because of its thickness and natural feel, make it an ideal leather to emboss. The prints come out deep, the leather remains soft, and the look is genuine.

I’d like to introduce followers to some of the embossings that have grown into Edsim favorites and have been incorporated into countless leather product lines over the past decade.

(Please note, because the embossings are on Lamba, the prints are available in essentially any color for production.)

Washed Grain Cow

Washed Grain Cow

This item is a designer’s dream because of its similarity to Italian washed leather. However, the yield is significantly higher because the embossing eliminates natural imperfections in the leather. Best of all, it is significantly more economical than classic washed lambskins.

Croc Cows

Our Croco Cow line offers designers an array of different prints (Alligator or Croco). Again, Edsim can offer Crocs in any color consumers imagine (By the way, look out for a post on this years hottest Lamba colors later this week). The different prints resemble different types of Crocs, and are exciting to designers because they enable the designer to select the size of the actual Croc print they can incorporate into their bag.

Below I have included some of the Crocs we offer:

Thai Croc CowRuben Croc Cow

Super Large Alligator

Edsim Stays Trendy, Domestic Carrier of European Stretch Lamb

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

In the past 2 years, high end Stretch Leather has become a hot commodity amongst high end fashion designers in America.  This lambskins’ two-way stretch and soft comforting feel is a designers dream in creating a fashionable, sexy, line of stretch leather pants. 

American fashion companies have sometimes struggled to add this beautiful item to their collections because of its limited availability in the states. Edsim has changed that, as we always strive to stay ahead in fashion. By adding this trendy European leather to our product line and we have established ourselves as one of the only domestic carriers of the novelty item. 

Look out for some photos of our new line coming soon in future posts!

Edsim Leather: Only Manufacturer of Lamba Leather and Genuine James Dean Leather in the World

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

After nearly 30 years of existence, Edsim Leather has established itself as one of the leading leather manufacturers in the fashion industry. Many of our garment and handbag leather clients associate our success with the growth in our two exclusive items: Lamba Leather and Genuine James Dean. These two products serve as the foundation of several other popular items that our design team has developed over the past decade, equipping Edsim Leather with a diverse product line to offer the fashion world.

We are launching this blog to develop a more transparent relationship with our clients and the rest of the industry. We intend to share all facets of our business, including our products, production methods, target markets and more.